For a relationship of our business, we are looking for a number of the Action signs from a series. The Chinese porcelain dishes have the following text:

1) 50 per-cent op Delft gewonnen
2) Pardie al mijn Actien kwijt.                   
3) Wie op Utecht of Nieuw Amsterdam   
4) Schijt actien enwind- handel.
5) Weg Gekke Actio- nisten.                     
6) De Actie Mans op de tang.

Our relationship is looking for the Chinese plates below.

De Actie Mans op de tang.            Schijt actien enwind- handel.         50 per-cent op Delft gewonnen.


In Chinese there are also plates without text made in Imarie decor. It is a bit unknown how many different representations of this have been made, but there must be around 5 to 6. In the coming weeks I will post an example photo of this.

In addition to Chinese copies, action plates are also made in Delft pottery. There is also interest in my relationship here.

If you have a sign for sale, please contact us.

Jasper Hooijkaas +31 (0) 10-4254565 or +31 (0) 6-55772444






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Action plates, Chinese and Delft.
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