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  • Tang court lady
    Tang court lady

    A terracotta Tang court lady with remnants of the original polychromy. The statue contains damage that was most likely caused during excavation.

    € 1.675,00
  • Qing sheep
    Qing sheep

    A Chinese 18th century ivory sculpture of a sheep with caractic hanging ears. Standard is not out of time but does belong to object.

    € 1.250,00
  • Buddha head
    Buddha head

    Terracotta Ming Buddha head with gilded red lacquer face. The Buddha has long elongated earlobes and the hair with many braided balls.

    € 1.375,00
  • Set paintings
    Set paintings

    Maritime paintings from traditional Chinese junks in original frame. The paintings are painted with oil on linen by an unknown Chinese artist.

    € 2.250,00
  • Buddha

    A Ming stoneware head from Buddha with red clay remnants.

    € 675,00
  • Abacus

    Suanpan or Chinese abacus made from ivory. At the back a carving with Chinese landscape, houses and trees. There are two Fo dogs at the top of the abacus.

    € 950,00
  • Ming lion mask
    Ming lion mask

    Ming marble lion mask which has probably served as decoration on a bridge or building.

    € 2.750,00
  • Ming Foo dog
    Ming Foo dog

    Ming bronze foo dog lid button. A male foo dog can be recognized by at openwork ball under its paw.

    € 675,00
  • Qing table screen
    Qing table screen

    A Chinese Qing cinnabar paint screen. The table screen is carved with the eight Immortals in a landscape with pine trees and bamboo, with two pavilions in the background. The reverse side with an inscription and two seal marks.

    € 3.750,00
  • Qing Lama Tsang Nyon Heruka
    Qing Lama Tsang Nyon Heruka

    Bronze Qing fire-gilt sculpture decorated with rubies, turquoise and emerald of Tsang Nyon Heruka Rupai Gyan Chen. (1452-1507 the 'Crazy Heruka of Tsang Wearing Bone Ornaments' was an author, a teacher and a yogi, in the appearanc

    € 4.750,00
  • Ming Tsang Nyon Heruka
    Ming Tsang Nyon Heruka

    Bronze figure of Tsang Nyon Heruka Rupai Gyan Chen (1452-1507 the 'Crazy Heruka of Tsang Wearing Bone Ornaments' was an author, a teacher and a yogi, in the appearance of mahasiddha who belonged to the Drugpa Kagyu School of Tibet

    € 4.750,00
  • Kangxi censer
    Kangxi censer

    Kangxi bronze incense barrel with twisted handles. The incense burner is partly decorated in relief and provided with so-called "goldsplash" decoration.

    € 1.250,00
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