• Netsuke of three figures.
    Netsuke of three figures.

    A Meiji netsuke with three figures, one of which is very similar to the laughing Buddha. The Ivory netsuke is signed on the bottom.

    € 575,00
  • Bronzen tijger
    Bronzen tijger

    Bronze Japanese tiger from the last quarter of the 19th century. The bronze was most likely made by a craftsman who also made samurai swords.

    € 3.750,00
  • Netsuke Shishi Lion
    Netsuke Shishi Lion

    An Edo netsuke from a Shishi lion. The Ivory netsuke is signed at the bottom. The origin of a Bouddist Shishi lion is in China and spread to other parts of Asia, including Japan, Korea, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Sri Lanka,…

    € 775,00
  • Bronze candlestick
    Bronze candlestick

    Bronze Japanese candlestick based on three elephants. The candlestick is made with craftsmanship around 1900. Besides very decorative, it is also very functional item.

    € 1.650,00
  • Edo Amida Nyorai
    Edo Amida Nyorai

    A Edo gild lacquer wood figure of Amida Nyorai standing on a stepped hexagonal base before a flaming mandorla.

    € 675,00
  • Bronze elephant
    Bronze elephant

    Japanese bronze elephant attacked by two tigers. One of the tigers is lying on the floor on its back. The other tiger is on the back of the elephant. The bronze is of very high quality with beautiful details. It is beautiful how…

    € 2.750,00
  • Shrine

    Edo (bunsei era) period ivory temple with beautifully decorated doors. Inside a detailed Buddha carved.

    € 1.750,00
  • Netsuke Fo-dog
    Netsuke Fo-dog

    Netsuke from a Fo-dog. Used on the back with brass trim.

    € 975,00
  • Meiji bronze
    Meiji bronze

    Meiji bronze statue of a Japanese fisherman in traditional clothing. On his fishing line he has a carp just hooked.

    € 1.375,00
  • Meiji figurine
    Meiji figurine

    A Meiji ivory statue of a Japanese woman in traditional clothing. Marked at the bottom in red lacquer recess in ivory.

    € 175,00


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