• Netsuke Fo-dog
    Netsuke Fo-dog

    Netsuke from a Fo-dog. Used on the back with brass trim.

    € 975,00
  • Shrine

    Edo (bunsei era) period ivory temple with beautifully decorated doors. Inside a detailed Buddha carved.

    € 1.750,00
  • Netsuke Buddha
    Netsuke Buddha

    A Meiji netsuke of a laughing Buddha. The laughing Buddha is a nickname of the Chinese Zen master Poe-Tai Ho-sang, who lived somewhere between the 6th and 10th centuries and had found "the Buddha in himself". The netsuke is signed

    € 225,00
  • Netsuke goat
    Netsuke goat

    Netsuke of a goat. Signed at the bottom.

    € 375,00
  • Netsuke octopus
    Netsuke octopus

    A Meiji netsuke of an octopus with eight arms around its prey. The netsuke horn is signed between two of the eight tentacles.

    € 275,00
  • Meiji netsuke
    Meiji netsuke

    Netsuke of a rat on a corn cob.

    € 375,00
  • Edo Amida Nyorai
    Edo Amida Nyorai

    A Edo gild lacquer wood figure of Amida Nyorai standing on a stepped hexagonal base before a flaming mandorla.

    € 675,00
  • Meiji bronze
    Meiji bronze

    Meiji bronze statue of a Japanese fisherman in traditional clothing. On his fishing line he has a carp just hooked.

    € 1.375,00
  • Meiji figurine
    Meiji figurine

    A Meiji ivory statue of a Japanese woman in traditional clothing. Marked at the bottom in red lacquer recess in ivory.

    € 175,00
  • Edo scroll
    Edo scroll

    Scroll on silk with the arrival of a Dutch ship at Deshima Japan, We have tried to gain more insight into the dating based on a number of specific characteristics of the scroll. For dating we mainly used unique items. Unfortunatel

    € 17.500,00


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