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  • Qianlong Buddha
    Qianlong Buddha

    Qianlong blanc de Chine laughing Buddha sitting in Lilasana posture. The laughing Buddha in Chinese Buddhism stands for wealth, prosperity and happiness.

    € 275,00
  • Qianlong plate
    Qianlong plate

    Chine de commande "encre de Chine" plate with a representation of a lady and two gentlemen making music on different musical instruments. The performance comes from a drawing designed by Robert Bonnart, after which his brother…

    € 1.250,00
  • Qianlong bowl.
    Qianlong bowl.

    An 18th century Chinese bowl with a glaze in the color of Celadon. Edge is trimmed with a light brown. Bowl is on a stand and is marked in underglaze blue.

    € 275,00
  • Southern Song bowl
    Southern Song bowl

    A celadon-colored bowl with a purple enamel flame inside. The bowl has an unglazed stand ring.

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    € 875,00
  • Kangxi vase
    Kangxi vase

    Kangxi enamel sur bisquit turquoise colored vase on foot. A decorations has been applied in wet clay, among two dragons. Because the glaze thickens here during the baking process, the decoration is clearly visible.

    € 2.950,00
  • Ge-ware celadon dish
    Ge-ware celadon dish

    A Ge-type celadon dish with "black and gold crackle". The front and back of the dish have a green / gray glaze with the exception of the glaze inside the stand ring that is gray in tone.

    Link high resolution photos

    € 2.750,00
  • Qing Guanyin
    Qing Guanyin

    Qing Blanc de Chine standing Guanyin with pinned up hair and diadem. She is wearing a gracefully falling double robe. She stands on a lotus leaf with the "waves" of the water clearly visible underneath.

    € 4.950,00
  • Qianlong plate
    Qianlong plate

    Qianlong monochoom powder blue plate. Uncoloured in the stand ring.

    € 375,00
  • Qing snuff bottle
    Qing snuff bottle

    Qing monochoom cylindrical snuff bottle with a gray-colored crackle glaze. The wooden cap is of a later date.

    € 475,00
  • Qing dynastie bowl
    Qing dynastie bowl

    A purple Qing dynasty Yun bowl.

    € 950,00
  • Qing Ink stone
    Qing Ink stone

    Blanc de Chine 18th century ink stone with a seated smiling Buddha with fan.

    € 1.875,00
  • Yixing teapot
    Yixing teapot

    Yixing miniature teapot with a floral representation on the belly with butterflies and insects. The slib decoration is applied with a beige/ yellow colour.

    € 675,00
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