Famille verte

  • Kangxi incense burner
    Kangxi incense burner

    A famille verte incense burner in the shape of a Foo dog. This is a male Foo dog that can be seen by the ball on which his paw rests. The Foo dog is sitting on a column.

    € 2.950,00
  • Set Kangxi incense burners
    Set Kangxi incense burners

    Set glazed biscuit Kangxi "egg and spinach" joss stick holders. The couple consists of a male and female Foo lion. The Foo lion rests with his paw on a pierced ball. The Foo lioness has a cup at his paw. Eyes are made so that they

    € 2.950,00
  • Kangxi Foo dog
    Kangxi Foo dog

    Kangxi famille verte male Foo dog. You can see that by the ball on which his leg rests. Cube-shaped base is decorated on the front with a floral representation with a crane and butterfly. On both sides there is a representation of

    € 3.500,00
  • Tianqi saucers.
    Tianqi saucers.

    Pair of Ko-Sometsuke Tianqi famille vert saucers with a hare / rabbit decoration. Inside the stand ring the porcelain is unglazed. These plates are made in China for the Japanese market.

    € 600,00
  • Two Kangxi plates
    Two Kangxi plates

    Pair of Kangxi famille verte plates. In the middle decorated with a bonsai tree in a flowerpot. Transition to flat part edge with edge in Meissen style. Flat border with four garlands with flowers.

    € 1.250,00
  • Qing brush washer
    Qing brush washer

    Qing famille verte "egg and spinach" brush washer in the shape of a falcon.

    € 4.750,00


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