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  • Kangxi perfume bottle
    Kangxi perfume bottle

    Kangxi conical shaped perfume bottle with original stopper. Decorated with four planes depicting figures including a musician. Signed at the bottom.

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    € 1.100,00
  • Wanli plate
    Wanli plate

    Wanli underglaze blue plate with flower beds and valuables on the edge. In the center of the plate, a star-shaped medallion, with a floral representation and grasshopper.

    € 475,00
  • Kangxi salt-cellar
    Kangxi salt-cellar

    Kangxi blue and white tazza shape salt-cellar. Model possibly from a 18th century European model. In center decorated with a flower.

    € 625,00
  • Kangxi bowl
    Kangxi bowl

    Kangxi blue and white bowl. On the outside decorated in four planes. One site is decorated with two Chinese ladies arround a table. On the opposite site there are two Chinese man talking together. Between these two sides are two

    € 2.250,00
  • Qianlong set of 19 plates
    Qianlong set of 19 plates

    Set of 19 blue and white Qianlong plates. In flat a floral decoration with, among other things, rock, flowering prunnus and bamboo.

    € 2.850,00
  • Kangxi teapot
    Kangxi teapot

    Kangxi pear-shaped underglaze blue teapot. Belly decorated on both sides with floral representation. Marked on the bottom with a symbol for jade.

    € 975,00
  • Kangxi cup
    Kangxi cup

    Kangxi (1662-1722) blue white cup on a high foot. Against the constriction at the foot a horizontal band of hanging and upright leaves.

    € 975,00
  • Kangxi bottle
    Kangxi bottle

    Kangxi underglaze blue miniature bottle. Five beds on the belly decorated with a floral representation.

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    € 325,00
  • Kangxi bowl
    Kangxi bowl

    Kangxi blue and white bowl with lobed edge. In the middle of the bowl a double ring with a flower decor. The inner edge is painted with three prunus branches.

    € 875,00
  • Kangxi rolwagen
    Kangxi rolwagen

    Kangxi underglaze blue miniature "rolwagen". Decorated on the belly with a floral representation, butterflies and insects.

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    € 275,00
  • Kangxi bottle
    Kangxi bottle

    Kangxi underglaze blue knob bottle. Decorated on the belly with the valuables.

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    € 375,00
  • Yongzheng dishes
    Yongzheng dishes

    Set Yongzhen underglaze blue soup dishes. In the middle decorated with flowering peony. Upright edge with napkin work with four medallions decorated with flowers.

    € 750,00
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