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  • Qianlong dish.
    Qianlong dish.

    Chinese blue and white underglaze dish with overhanging rim. Bottom of bowl has a mountain landscape decor with bridge and houses. Top border decorated with napkin and medallions depicting valuables and landscapes.

    € 1.475,00
  • Kangxi plate
    Kangxi plate

    Plate with silver medallion of the Costerman riot.

    One of the oldest representations in underglaze blue on Chinese porcelain is the Rotterdam Tumult or the Costerman riot. When Costerman refused to pay excise duty on a keg of…

    € 7.950,00
  • Wanli plate
    Wanli plate

    Wanli underglaze blue plate with flower beds and valuables on the edge. In the center of the plate, a star-shaped medallion, with a floral representation and grasshopper.

    € 475,00
  • Set of Qing vases
    Set of Qing vases

    Set of blue and white underglaze vases. Painted over entire vases with flowers, plants and birds. Equipped with the Kangxi brand at the bottom.

    € 275,00
  • Kangxi salt-cellar
    Kangxi salt-cellar

    Kangxi blue and white tazza shape salt-cellar. Model possibly from a 18th century European model. In center decorated with a flower.

    € 625,00
  • Pair of Qianlong servers
    Pair of Qianlong servers

    Set Chien Lung blue-white bowls with napkin decoration on edge and a floral depiction in the middle. Dish is on a low stand ring and has decoration on four sides with flowers.

    € 2.750,00
  • Kangxi teapot
    Kangxi teapot

    Kangxi pear-shaped underglaze blue teapot. Belly decorated on both sides with floral representation. Marked on the bottom with a symbol for jade.

    € 975,00
  • Kangxi bottle
    Kangxi bottle

    Kangxi underglaze blue miniature bottle. Five beds on the belly decorated with a floral representation.

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    € 325,00
  • Kangxi bowl
    Kangxi bowl

    Kangxi blue and white bowl with lobed edge. In the middle of the bowl a double ring with a flower decor. The inner edge is painted with three prunus branches.

    € 875,00
  • Kangxi rolwagen
    Kangxi rolwagen

    Kangxi underglaze blue miniature "rolwagen". Decorated on the belly with a floral representation, butterflies and insects.

    Link high resolution photos

    € 275,00
  • Kangxi bottle
    Kangxi bottle

    Kangxi underglaze blue knob bottle. Decorated on the belly with the valuables.

    Link high resolution photos

    € 375,00
  • Yongzheng dishes
    Yongzheng dishes

    Set Yongzhen underglaze blue soup dishes. In the middle decorated with flowering peony. Upright edge with napkin work with four medallions decorated with flowers.

    € 750,00
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